Nefyn Groups in the 1950's

Thanks to Hefina Yates for this photograph. Hefina's parents owned and operated the butchers shop on High St. Nefyn. Hefina (Jones) is in the photograph.

Two class members (#7 and #8) are unknown.

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Young Nefyn Fishermen William John Hughes, Brian Owen, John Parry Hughes

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On Gwylwyr Mountain

Top Row: Glyn Jones, John Dewi Squires, Dafydd Hughes, Brian Owen
Bottom Row: William John Hughes, Evan John Jones, Eric Squires, John Parry Hughes

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Advertising Guiness in the Nanhoron Arms Hotel

Towan, Emlyn Bwlch, Lawrence

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Capel Fron Seion Baptist Chapel Christmas Play

Top Row: Will Francis (King), Eifion, Marian, Rhiannon, Miriam, Mary, Betty, Iona, Gwen, Johnny, Gwilym
Middle Row: John Gruffydd (Roman), John Gwilym, Richard John, Ken Francis, William John, Eirwyn, Gwilym, Brian, Ifan John
Bottom Row: Mr Davies, Michael, Morwen, Ieuan, Neta, Ifor, Maggie, Mrs Davies

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Nefyn youth of the 1950's on Creigiau Bach.

From left:

Top Row: Twm Gryffudd, Eric Squires, John Parry Hughes, William John Hughes.
Middle Row: John Dewi Squires, Emrys Parry, Tom Evans, Elfed Byrnes.
Front Row: Arfon Roberts, Caradog Roberts.

Photo courtesy Emrys Parry

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One hundred years anniversary celebration party at Capel Isaf in the mid 1950's.

Photo courtesy Hefina Yates

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